Essay Guidelines

The Basics:
  • 1200-1800 words, double spaced, Times New Roman
  • Real stories told from the first person (memoir-style, prose only)
  • Theme of lost romantic love, such as curdled relationships, forsaken crushes—basically, just something that could’ve gone better
  • Writing styles may range from humorous to philosophical; stories may (and should!) be raw and personal, but content should remain tasteful

The Details:
  • Submissions will be vetted by the editors
  • Submissions cannot have been published previously, and if selected for publication on Thank You for the Tragedy, authors retain rights to their work but grant TYT the liberty to use their piece freely on the website, in podcasts, and any other future undertakings; they also agree not to enter into any contracts that would jeopardize TYT's ability to freely publish the work in future endeavors
  • If selected, essays will be edited in collaboration with the author
  • If the author so wishes, essays may be published anonymously

Submission Instructions:

Email editors @ with your essay attached as a word document. 
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