Our Vision

Thank You for the Tragedy is an online collection of reader-submitted romantic tragedy memoirs. It's a space of catharsis and resonance, a chance for love tragedies to become artful prose. 

Current media is oversaturated with happily-ever-afters—while these stories are beautiful and uplifting, their disproportionate presence fails to acknowledge the value of romance gone awry. After all, we learn just as much, if not even more, from “the ones that got away” than from “the one.”

Paying homage to Kurt Cobain's quote—"Thank you for the tragedy. I need it for my art"—we aim to acknowledge the dual nature of every unfortunate experience. Lost love, for instance, can become something positive: a lesson learned, greater resilience, keener insight.

We invite readers to share their reflections on their personal romantic tragedies. "Romantic tragedy" may be interpreted broadly, from curdled relationships to forsaken crushes--basically just something that could've gone better. If interested, please consult our essay guidelines. We look forward to crying, laughing, and creating art with you.

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